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The Pandemic & Antisemitism

The Pandemic and Antisemitism
In the wake of the Covid pandemic, old ghosts seem to haunt Europe again and antisemitic conspiracy theories are launched.
Per Svensson in conversation with Mathias Berek and Daniel Poohl
Tuesday April 6 at 19:00

Mathias Berek is a research associate at the Centre for Research on Antisemitism, TU Berlin, Germany. He is coordinator of the Berlin section of the Research Institute Social Cohesion (fgz-risc.de) and co-leads a project on solidarity and resentment in post-1989 memories. His work comprises European-Jewish history, memory and antisemitism studies, most recently, his investigation into historic parallels in the connection of Jew-hatred and anti-vaccination movements found public interest.

Latest book: Moritz Lazarus, Deutsch-jüdischer Idealismus im 19. Jahrhundert. Göttingen: Wallstein 2020.

Mathias Berek on SVT, in Christoffer Wendick’s piece on German anti-anti-pandemeers an SVT (after minute 15):


Daniel Poohl is a Swedish journalist, author and internationally renowned expert on far-right extremism. He is the CEO of EXPO Foundation and was editor-in-chief of EXPO magazine from 2006-1019.

Per Svensson is a senior journalist at Dagens Nyheter, was DN:s political editor and before that cultural editor at Expressen. He has published a number of non-fiction books about current affairs and modern Swedish history. Earlier this year he received the Torgny Segerstedt’s award - The Freedom Pen.

Per Svensson has participated in several of Judisk kultur I Sverige’s programs, among others in conversations with David Grossman, Bernard-Henri Lévy and Anne Applebaum. 

A banner falsely claiming that coronavirus is a ‘made-up plandemic’. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

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Franz Kafka Centennial
Cecilia Hansson och Maria Stepanova
Moderator: Malin Ullgren, författare och journalist, DN
24 september, kl. 19.00 Konstakademien
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