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J! Film
Amos Oz
The Fourth Window
Ricki Neuman i samtal med filmaren Yair Qedar
Med efterföljande mingel
Måndag 12 september kl. 19:00, Konstakademien

We are happy to present Yair Qedar’s acclaimed documentaries The Fourth Window (September 12) and The Last Chapter of A B Yehoshua (September 13)

A rare and fascinating look into two of Israel’s most beloved writers, Amos Oz (1939-2018) and A B Yehoshua (1936-2022).

Each screening will include a conversation with filmmaker Yair Qedar moderator by writer and journalist Ricki Neuman

The screenings include a mingle with wine and refreshments.

Hebrew with English subtitles.

Tickets to The Fourth Window
The Last Chapter of AB Yehoshua

The Fourth Window
Behind the international success of Amos Oz, a symbol of Israeli conscience and a writer whose books are translated into 45 languages, lurked a double tragedy. When he was 12-years-old his mother committed suicide, and a few years before his death his daughter accused him of being physically and mentally violent, ending all communication with him. A series of conversations with his latest biographer presented in the film, weaves biographical passages, literature and conversations with the main people in his life, as Amos Oz tells his last story.

The Last Chapter of A B Yehoshua is a loving portrait of the prominent Israeli writer who died recently (June 2022). Dealing with a terminal illness, widowhood, and loneliness, Yehoshua does not for one moment give up his joie de vivre, faces death with unflinching honesty, and embraces a new book.

Yair Qedar is a filmmaker and lgbtq-rights activist. Creator of the series The Hebrews – a documentary project on the Hebrew and Jewish literary canon, centered on filmic portraits of writers from 17th century to recent days.

Ricki Neuman is a writer and journalist.

J! Talks
Franz Kafka Centennial
Cecilia Hansson och Maria Stepanova
Moderator: Malin Ullgren, författare och journalist, DN
24 september, kl. 19.00 Konstakademien
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